About K2K Associates

The Business Consultant and Coaching Experts for the small and mid-sized companies

About K2k Associates

Our staff has extensive experience in building and running business. We have years of experience in Sales & Marketing, Operations, Time Management, and Human Resources. All of our consultants have and or currently own, run and or operate their own business, and as a business owner you undertand that only someone who has run their own business can really comprehend the struggles that it takes to manage your business.

Robert M. Eberhardt, CFP®Robert M. Eberhardt, CFP®
President, CEO
K2K Associates, Inc.

Robert currently oversees a business consulting firm helping businesses in three primary areas, Employee Benefits Consulting, Business Consulting, and IT Consulting. A large portion of his time is spent consulting and coaching businesses to achieve a fun and profitable work environment. His responsibilities include practice management, marketing and sales, and business development. Prior to his current position, Robert was in practice as a financial planner for several years in the Chicagoland area. During that time, he helped develop training programs and referral programs for the three largest bank brokerage programs in Chicago. Robert received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Northern Illinois University.

Robert currently holds a federal trademark for a turnkey program for financial advisers combining sales, marketing, seminars, referrals, and presentations called CERTain.

Robert consults to members of congress on various employee benefits and financial services issues, as well as contributing to such organizations as The Wall Street Journal regarding health insurance.

All presentations are given with a strong dose of common sense and simplicity, and most importantly, presented in a way in which the audience can participate and easily achieve results.

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